Dr Erika Darics (University of Groningen, Netherlands)

I am an applied linguist interested in communication in professional, workplace and digital contexts. I am passionate about language awareness and critical discourse consciousness. My work is inspired by my drive to promote the importance of empirical linguistic-discourse analytical research and how such research can help to educate a future generation of critical text consumers as well as ethical, responsible and empowered communicators.
I am serving as the 2nd Vice President of the Association for Business Communication and would be happy to chat if you are interested in joining!


Prof. Veronika Koller (Lancaster University, UK)

I am a Professor in Discourse Studies at Lancaster University/UK. My research interests centre on business and political discourse, health communication, and language and sexuality. My publications include Metaphor and Gender in Business Discourse (2014), Language in Business, Language at Work (with Erika Darics, 2018) and Discourses of Brexit (co-edited with Susanne Kopf and Marlene Miglbauer). Outside academia, I am senior associate analyst with consulting company Linguistic Landscapes.

Dr Bernard De Clerck (Ghent University, Belgium)

I am Assistant Professor at the Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication (Ghent University Belgium).
My current research focuses on various aspects of corporate impression management going from greenwashing and graph distortion in sustainability reporting over corporate complaint management on social media to self-branding on the web and the impact of language on perceptions and credibility. I am also interested in language variation and change and have published in the Journal of Business Communication, Language Sciences, Functions of Language, Cognitive Linguistics, a.o.