Welcome to the podcast

It took Veronika and me five years to finish our book Language in Business, Language at Work. It was a huge undertaking: it looks at business and professional life through the language lens: from branding and marketing to PR and crisis communication, from job interviews to management and leadership, from office chatter to emails and presentations. As we were writing, researching, debating and teaching the developing material, the crucial role of language in every aspect of business and organizations became ever more clear.
Our passion to share this realisation kept growing. We were exploring ways of reaching you, dear listener/reader for a long time, but the ultimate push and motivation only arrived in 2019 in the form of Bernard, during a coffee break at an academic conference. Bernard and I had a very animated discussion about how much nicer the world would be if more people knew more about this curious thing: language.
With a coffee and a nice Belgian cake in hand, we made grand plans on the spot. Then, after several (thousand) emails and virtual meetings, and with the financial support from all our academic homes, we arrived at this moment: the launch of our podcast.
We hope it will give to you as much as making it gave to us.
Let’s tune in to Words and Actions: A podcast about how language matters in business, politics and beyond.

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